how to motivate your teen to study


Elevate is an award-winning organisation that has been working with your child’s school to help them become more effective learners. We realise that these are uncertain times and students may be increasingly working independently at home. How effectively they revise and prepare is key to their success in the next few months.

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will show you – as parents – the crucial study skills your child needs to achieve their best and how you can reinforce that at home.

Meet Your Presenter

Kane McChesney is the Head of Parent Engagement at Elevate Education.

He has presented 400+ workshops to 30,000+ students, parents and teachers across the country with one goal: to help students study smarter not harder. He believes that empowering parents with the knowledge to make real change in their child’s study habits is a crucial part of that. He can’t wait to share how you can do that in this webinar.

What You’ll Learn In This
Live Training Event

1. How to manage your child’s study routines while the coronavirus threatens their productivity.

2. Learn the “behind-the-scenes” secrets that Elevate’s coaches share with their coaching students that get them top marks each year.

3. Learn Kane’s 3-keys to stress-managing your child that has worked for hundreds of students across Australia.

4. Gain FREE ACCESS to downloadable templates that can give you the control and visibility you need to assist your child.

5. Learn about 1:1 Online Student Coaching to understand how Elevate’s young coaches are helping students across Australia find a new way to study.


Global Reach

Elevate Education works with students across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, New York, California, and the United Kingdom.

Research Driven

Elevate Education’s study skills are based off research and best practice knowledge from working with schools globally for 19 years.

Trusted By Over 3000 Schools Worldwide

Elevate partners with over 3000 schools worldwide to understand their challenges, techniques, and processes for maximizing student success.

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